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Leeds Council launches Community Trigger

Victims of antisocial behaviour will now be able to force the police and councils to action if they feel they are being ignored.

Leeds Council has launched a Community Trigger pilot which will give victims of persistent antisocial behaviour (ASB) a voice.

If an individual reports the same incident of ASB three times this will activate the Community Trigger requiring local agencies to get together to find a solution to the problem.


Over the past year the Community Trigger has successfully been piloted in Richmond on Thames, Manchester, Brighton and West Lindsey and Boston and as a result long-standing, difficult ASB cases have been resolved.

The Community Trigger is just one of the measures which will overhaul the current ASB system which includes streamlining the current 19 powers available to the police to six.

Antisocial behaviour

Crime Prevention Minister Jeremy Browne said:

Anti-social behaviour causes enormous harm to victims and communities. The Government is making sure victims get a better response in towns and cities across the UK including Leeds.

The Community Trigger is intended to be a safety net for the public if police and local authorities do not take action, not the first response when a problem occurs. It is one of a range of new measures which will make it easier and quicker for agencies to protect victims and communities from the blight of anti-social behaviour.

ASBOs simply didn’t work — more than half were breached at least once. The new measures will speed things up and give power back to the people.

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