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Participation in social action initiatives can help boost employability skills

The CIPD is backing a new campaign to encourage more young people to get involved in community and charity projects. The nation-wide initiative was launched recently by the Prince of Wales at a roundtable event of senior representatives from the business, voluntary education and faith sectors, including CIPD CEO, Peter Cheese.

Offering his support to the campaign, Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of the CIPD, said: "The CIPD is pleased to support the aims and ambition of the Campaign for Youth Social Action. Businesses and their HR teams have an important role to play in promoting social action in young people. It is clear that participation in high-quality social action activities can help equip young people with some of the crucial skills and experience required to allow them to succeed in their future careers. The Campaign for Youth Social Action is one part of the puzzle in terms of addressing the existing mismatch between employers and young people at the recruitment stage, an issue we recently explored as part of our Learning to Work programme."

The CIPD report, ‘Employers are from Mars, young people are from Venus: Addressing the young people/jobs mismatch’, highlighted the lack of relevant experience for young people to draw on when applying for jobs as a key obstacle to them finding work.

More information on the Campaign for Youth Social Action can be found at: www.youthsocialaction.co.uk

Information on volunteering via CIPD backed initiatives can be also be found below.

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