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New primary curriculum launched online

The countdown to the new primary curriculum has begun with support and guidance for schools and teachers available online.

The Qualifications & Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) took a step closer to bringing the new primary curriculum to life with the launch of its new National Curriculum website.

The site contains the new primary curriculum framework as well as guidance and a range of tools and case studies to support schools in designing a curriculum that meets the needs of all their learners.

Diana Johnson, Schools Minister, helped launch the new website from Spring Cottage Primary School in Hull today. She said:

"I am delighted that the new curriculum is now easily accessible for all schools and teachers. This website is a key step forward in bringing in the new primary curriculum and schools now have the information,  supporting tools and guidance to help them prepare and plan for its introduction.

"QCDA is not only developing new online resources, it has appointed a team of primary curriculum network advisors who will work with local authorities to help them make the most of the opportunities presented by the new primary curriculum. Most importantly, all these efforts will ensure that all pupils benefit from a relevant and inspiring curriculum."

David McVean, director of curriculum at QCDA, said:

"This heralds a significant change to the primary curriculum and I believe it is a welcome development for schools with many already embracing the spirit of the new curriculum.   This new framework will empower teachers to design a school curriculum that best suits their pupils' needs.  It means greater freedom and flexibility for teachers and will help ensure that learning is relevant, coherent and engaging for children.

 "Our role now is to work with schools to develop the national curriculum and to make sure that they and teachers are supported with appropriate guidance and information. QCDA, local authorities, the National Colleges and National Strategies are working together to ensure that schools and teachers know what the new curriculum offers and are supported to design a curriculum for their school and their learners."

The National Curriculum website is the key place to find out more about the new curriculum and will be complemented with printed copies of the new primary handbook and guidance materials which are going into schools during February. 

Sam Pater, headteacher of Clinton Primary School in Kenilworth, said:

"I think the website is a good reflection of what the new curriculum aims to achieve.  It stimulates and inspires through the best practice case studies and it demonstrates the potential for flexibility and creativity which will lead towards a more relevant and meaningful curriculum for our children - preparing them better for life in the 21st Century.

Adrian Smith, a governor of Headley Park Primary School in Bristol, said:

"The site contains a wealth of information and tools. The curriculum tour video is very good, and I believe that teachers, parents and governors will find this site clear, interesting and useful as we all move ahead into a new and exciting curriculum format."

Visitors to the site will see the new primary curriculum, alongside the recently revised secondary curriculum. Schools will use the site to access the curriculum, guidance and tools including design tools to assist in medium and long term planning. It contains an interactive guide to the new primary curriculum and includes a video tour of the key features of the website.

QCDA has used extensive feedback from teachers and others to develop the site and improve the overall user experience. More information, including professional development material, will be added to the website throughout 2010. 

The new National Curriculum online has been developed with website accessibility agency, AbilityNet, to ensure that it is accessible to all and can be found at

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