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Three new partnerships to support development and resilience in the arts and cultural sector

Arts Council England has yesterday announced three new delivery partnerships for its Music industry talent development fund, Transforming arts fundraising programme and Developing resilient leadership programme. Specific details of how artists and arts organisations can get involved in the programmes will be announced in the coming months.

Music industry talent development fund

We are pleased to announce that PRS for Music Foundation has been selected to deliver our Music industry talent development fund after an open application process.

The fund will offer a small grants scheme for early to mid-career musicians in the contemporary popular music sector. We will invest £500,000 over two years to pilot this talent development scheme which will provide support to outstanding emerging artists to develop their potential in the commercial music industry.

Alan Davey, Chief Executive, Arts Council England, said: 'It's the Arts Council's job to champion the arts in its many varied forms and for all the arts that means supporting the talent who make it happen. Given the current tough economic climate this job is as important as ever.

'Changes in the financial environment means that it is becoming increasingly difficult for talent to find the right kind of investment at the right time to allow them to get to the stage of making a living from creating and performing music. That's what this fund is all about - I'm passionate about talent that has something to say being able to say it and be heard. This fund is the beginning of something that I hope will grow, and that we will learn from.

It's great being able to develop this programme in partnership PRS for Music Foundation and in a small way to help the music industry in this country - and the talent that drives it - to remain as strong and vibrant as ever.'

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Transforming arts fundraising

We have also selected The Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Consortium as the national delivery partner for our Transforming arts fundraising programme. Transforming arts fundraising will support activity which aims to professionalise arts sector fundraising across England while improving perceptions of the arts as a charitable cause among potential and existing donors. 

Consortium partners include Barbican Centre East London and City Culture Hub in partnership with Cause 4 , the DARE Partnership comprising Opera North and the University of Leeds, the Arts Marketing Association, and the Philanthropy Foundation. Umbrella bodies including the Visual Arts and Galleries Association; Association of British Orchestras, Dance UK and the Free Word Centre also form part of the group.

Opera North will act as the grantholder for the consortium which will work to provide opportunities for the arts sector to develop fundraising skills and potential.

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Developing resilient leadership

The Clore Leadership Programme has been announced as the national delivery partner for our £1.8 million Developing resilient leadership programme. Supporting cultural leaders to develop their leadership skills, work collaboratively and in doing so to foster resilience across the sector as a whole, the fund will have a particular focus on developing diverse leaders.

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