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Community How To

You may have heard all the recent buzz surrounding our new service Community How To.

Launched this week, Community How To is the brand new site to help community groups do more, more easily, with digital tools. It's designed to help you find, share and discuss new tools that have made your life - and your community projects - easier.

It's currently in beta - which means that although it's not in its final polished form yet, we do want people to take an early look around and get used to the feel of the site.

More information about Community How To will be released at the 'Digital evolution, local action' conference at the end of this month when we'll be asking the network to get involved, sign up to the site and share your own stories. In the meantime do have a look around and see how Community How To can help you.

You can buy tickets for 'Digital evolution, local action' online now.

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