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MoD announces Cosford as a preferred site for the Borona programme

MoD announces Cosford as a preferred site for the Borona programme

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE News Release (014/2008) issued by The Government News Network on 31 January 2008

Defence Minister Bob Ainsworth today announced the proposed move of Army units currently based in Germany to Cosford.

Armed Forces Minister Mr Ainsworth said:

"I am delighted to announce that Cosford has been chosen as our preferred site to base both 1 Signal Brigade (1 Sig Bde) and 102 Logistics Brigade (102 Log Bde) when they return from Germany.

"I am proud to re-affirm our commitment to the Cosford community. The historic presence of Defence in the Cosford area will continue to provide benefits to the local community and to the West Midlands. Redevelopment at Cosford will involve the creation of Civil Service jobs and further openings with local contractors which we hope will provide great opportunities for the people of Cosford.

"We will now draw up detailed plans and undertake wide consultation with all of the Cosford's stakeholders including local authorities, health, education and welfare providers as well as the Trades Unions and our own Service personnel."

The move of the two brigades is expected to be completed by 2014 and will see approximately 2,600 troops and their families and dependants move to Cosford. The presence of such a significant number of troops may pave the way for a West Midlands 'Super Garrison' in the future.

Under the BORONA Programme, around 3,600 British Forces will move from Germany to the UK. Although the programme is subject to financial approval, Defence Ministers have given provisional approval for HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ ARRC), 102 Log Bde and 1 Sig Bde to move from Germany to the UK between 2009 and 2014. The site currently occupied by the RAF at Innsworth (Gloucestershire) has been selected as the most suitable for HQ ARRC.


Notes to editors:

1. For more information on the BORONA Programme, please see

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