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Socitm members vote to simplify membership to just two categories and to give all members equal voting rights

Members of the Society of IT Management (Socitm) have voted to replace all existing categories of membership with two new categories, Member and Senior Member.

The vote, that required a majority of 75% of full members voting in favour, was taken on a special resolution put to an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society held on 13 October during the Society’s annual conference.

The Member category will be open to any individual who has an interest in ICT and related
disciplines in the public and third sectors and suppliers to these sectors.

The Senior Member category will automatically include all current Full Members and any
person who in the opinion of the Membership Board has an appropriate mix of qualifications and experience to merit this professional designation.

Every member regardless of category is now entitled to vote at all general meetings and Society elections. Those members nominated for the offices of President and Vice President must come from the Senior Member category and be in the full time employ of local government but members from any category can be nominated for any other elected office in the Society.

Before the vote, the Society had five categories of membership, with voting rights restricted to full members of the Society.  Full membership was available only to those directly employed in the public sector (non-profit making organisations) with major influence within their organisation on ICT strategy, policy and/or delivery functions.  Applications for Full Membership were subject to vetting by the Membership Committee.

The vote marks the first step in a new vision for the Society that embraces its ambition to:

  • Improve its standing as a professional society by providing a higher degree of member accreditation       `
  • Deepen its membership focus to embrace ICT professionals at all levels and also people working in related areas such as web development and change management.
  • Widen its scope of recruitment to include not just local government, police and fire, but other parts of the public sector: housing associations, the NHS, central government and other non-departmental public bodies (quangos); to support potential members in third sector organisations from large charities down to small voluntary organisations; to reach out to individual colleagues who work for suppliers, consultancies, etc, as they, too, require professional development.

Commenting on the vote, Socitm President Richard Steel said: ‘This vote marks the first, very significant, move towards our vision of a democratic, professional and inclusive Society for all professionals working in ICT and associated disciplines in the public and third sectors. Following the overwhelming support of members for our vision, we will press ahead with our plans to introduce professional accreditation for members and to develop the Society’s membership base. We are committed to deepening and widening our membership well beyond our current base in local government by opening the Society up to individuals who work in ICT or related areas employed by organisations across the public sector and third sectors, and including individuals working in organisations supplying these sectors. As we do so we will customise our support offerings whether these be research, events or other services to meet the specific needs of members in these wider communities.’

>From Jan 2009 membership fees for Senior Members will be set at the same level as current Full Members with the fee for Members set at 70% of the fee for Senior Members. In addition, the Society will pilot a new Corporate Membership Scheme to cover all ICT professionals in these organisations.

Further information:

Adrian Hancock,
Managing Director, Socitm                                                                      
Tel: 07887 781612

Vicky Sargent or Rob Adams, Socitm Press Office
Tel: 07726 601139 or 07726 360524 or