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CLS New payment arrangements

Two new payment arrangements give providers a choice about how they’ll get paid.

The Legal Services Commission are introducing two new payment arrangements for Crime (Lower) and Civil (Legal Help) work.

Under both new arrangements you will still receive a payment each month as you do now, but claims and payments on your account will be more closely aligned.

They have been designed to address concerns expressed about the existing protocol under which claims and payments are reconciled. 

These include concerns about the time it takes LSC to discharge its liabilities when an account becomes underpaid and about the financial difficulties providers can face when a large overpayment has built-up and is then recovered.

Variable monthly payment

Under the new ‘variable monthly payment’ arrangement the amount we pay you each month will be based on the last monthly claim you sent to us (plus the value of any exceptional cases processed since we last made a payment to you). 

Reconciliation band

Alternatively you can ask us to manage your account using a narrowed ‘reconciliation band’.  If we do this you will still receive a ‘standard’ monthly payment, but we will adjust the level of the payment to clear any underpayment or overpayment sooner than we would otherwise have done. 

If you are happy with the existing reconciliation protocol we will continue to manage your account as we do now.  If not you can review the new options open to you by using the link below.

Civil providers (http://www.legalservices.gov.uk/civil/payrates_schemes.asp)
Crime providers (

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