Ministry of Justice
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Public tell us what makes justice tick

Over the past months, you have been commenting online at the programme for government website to help inform how the coalition government approaches justice in the UK.

This has been happening all over Government, with members of the public telling us what matters most.

The Ministry of Justice has listened to what you’ve had to say. We had a tremendous response and there is strong feeling about sentencing, rehabilitation, courts and legal aid. You want to see a change. It is now our job to let you know what we’re going to do about these issues.

You can see our ideas and first steps by reading the our response to the programme for government. We’ve set out our plans for intelligent sentencing a rehabilitation revolution, court reform and making legal aid work for the most vulnerable people.

This is just the start of seeking your opinion. We want to achieve a healthy debate on justice and how it works for you. As you will read there are plenty of opportunities for you to make sure your ideas are heard.

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