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Help inform our next regular recession report focussing on the impacts on business performance

For our next regular recession report, we're looking at the impact of recession on business performance. Our last business performance report in January found:

  • an increasing deterioration of businesses across rural England

  • heavy reliance of rural businesses on finance secured on mortgage lending, overdrafts and credit card borrowing

  • high visibility of major retail closures in market towns 

We want your views and experiences by Friday 9 October to help inform our next business performance report. We'd like to hear about:

  • evidence of closures-business insolvencies

  • comments on national support measures (tax holidays, rate reliefs etc.) and local support measures to attract new business:

    Are there any (local support measures)?
    Are they working?
    Are they appreciated?
    What else should be in place?
  • prospects for the future:
    Is there evidence of recovery?
    What is the degree of confidence (are there any types of businesses expressing confidence?)?

  • current experiences on bank lending (charges etc.)

  • whether there are any new businesses started by people who have been made redundant

Our recession reports are submitted mid-monthly to the Secretary of State to help enable the rural voice and needs to be put by him to the National Economic Council.

Find out more about how you can contribute your evidence and experience to our next report

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