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There is an alternative to public spending cuts

The coalition government does not need to cut a single job in the civil and public services, PCS says on the eve of the TUC annual conference.

Launching its alternative economic strategy (PDF), the union said the government should be creating jobs, not cutting them, and investing in the public sector to help the economy to grow and ensure against a double dip recession.

Other measures and facts outlined in the document include:

  • We should invest in areas such as housing, renewable energy and public transport
  • The UK debt is lower than other major economies
  • There is a £120 billion tax gap of evaded, avoided and uncollected tax
  • The UK holds £850 billion in banking assets from the bailout – more than the national debt
  • We could free up billions of pounds by not renewing Trident
  • End the use of consultants in the civil and public services

At the conference, PCS will be urging other unions to agree to unite and co-ordinate campaigns and industrial action where necessary. It will also discuss ways to organise community campaigns against the government’s spending cuts plans.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “We are constantly told by a cabinet of millionaires that cuts are inevitable. Far from being unavoidable, their plans to cut government departments’ budgets by up to 40% are a political choice driven by ideology, not necessity.

“We will take every opportunity this week to say there is an alternative – one that will ensure the economy continues to grow and, crucially, protects the public services that we all rely on. While industrial action may be necessary, it is clear the most effective opposition would be the biggest popular movement we have seen for many years.”

Read the joint statement by PCS and Unison on fighting the cuts and promoting public services 

Download a PDF of 'There is an alternative: the case against cuts in public spending'


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