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New resource for place-making workshops

People responsible for organising place-making training workshops have access to a new free flexible electronic toolkit – Train&Sustain. 

Train&Sustain provides trainers with all the materials they need to give their audiences a good understanding of place-making and practical examples of how to make communities more sustainable.

The toolkit includes:

  • Bite-sized information that describes different aspects of place-making
  • A workshop presentation in the form of a set of slides (in Microsoft PowerPoint) sufficient to support a one-hour, half-day or full-day workshop
  • Supporting information including learning activities, case studies, audio and video
  • Downloadable guides that provide advice on how to use the toolkit and background information about place-making. 

The resource enables trainers to construct a variety of learning activities, lasting from just a few minutes up to a comprehensive full-day workshop, and tailor the contents and structure to suit different audiences.

The material can easily be adapted to reflect different localities by adding local case studies, information about specific organisations or other relevant resources.

Trudy Birtwell, HCA Academy head of operations, said:  “We’ve developed this toolkit so that trainers have access to the latest information, policy and examples of best practice relating to place-making as well as practical tools required to deliver introductory workshops.  In the current financial climate where budgets are being squeezed and people are under increasing pressure to work smarter, this free ready-made workshop can be delivered in-house.

To access Train&Sustain visit: http://trainandsustain.hcaacademy.co.uk

Notes to editors

The HCA Academy is the skills arm of the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). We provide a range of courses and resources that improve people’s ability to lead partnerships and developments; deal with the downturn and prepare for the upturn; and adapt communities to our changing climate.  Our ambition is to provide the central knowledge hub for the housing and regeneration sector and provide targeted support to those places undergoing significant change.

The HCA is the single, national housing and regeneration agency for England. Our role is to create opportunity for people to live in high quality, sustainable places. We provide funding for affordable housing, bring land back into productive use and improve quality life by raising standards for the physical and social environment.

The HCA brings together English Partnerships, investment functions of the Housing Corporation, and the Academy for Sustainable Communities, with major delivery programmes of Communities and Local Government.


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