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Faster progress needed for better Grants Management

Wales uses grants more extensively than the rest of the UK and many grants schemes are overly complex, with both funders and recipients rarely learning lessons from problems which have arisen with past schemes, according to a report published by The Auditor General for Wales recently.

Over £2 billion is spent annually by public bodies in Wales via specific grants, but both funders and recipients need to learn lessons from previous failures when designing and operating grant schemes.

Weaknesses identified in the report include failures by funders to consider the viability, capacity and capability of grant recipients, together with a lack of clarity on the expected project outcomes. Both funders and recipients often do not mitigate risks or monitor project progress effectively after grant awards are made.

Many schemes are complex and can readily be streamlined, whilst recipients show a significant variation in the quality of their management of grant-funded projects at a local level.

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