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Dr Foster’s Hospital Guide Claims Many Adverse Medical Events Go Unreported

NHS hospital trusts in England reported over 30,500 life-threatening blood clots and 32,300 other adverse medical events, such as obstetric tears and accidental puncture or laceration, however it is likely the true number is many more.

The figures published in the Dr Foster Hospital Guide also find that many trusts are not accurately recording the number of adverse medical events. Nine trusts recorded no instances of at least one type of adverse event. By not recording incidences of harm to patients, hospital mangers will find it difficult to stop such incidents reoccurring in the future. 

Roger Taylor, Director of Research at Dr Foster said: “It is concerning that no hospital in the country can accurately assess the level of adverse events compared with the best achievable rates. Blood clots kill more people than superbugs every year – and yet the reporting of blood clots is just not always sufficient to identify and address the problem.”  


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