Higher Education Funding Council England (HEFCE)
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Institutions share knowledge through Sustainability Exchange

Universities, colleges and schools all stand to benefit from the Sustainability Exchange, a groundbreaking new ‘knowledge bank’ for the higher education sector.

The public money contributed through HEFCE’s leadership, governance and management fund has enabled collaboration between the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC), Staffordshire University and 20 other partner organisations including Universities UK and the Carbon Trust. It is hoped that this collaboration will in itself create further efficiencies.

While many institutions have worked to create their own sustainability programmes, information on this work has not previously been readily available as a resource, despite its potential usefulness. The Sustainability Exchange provides a venue for institutions across the sector to pool their expertise through online facilities including community forums, news updates, an events diary, best practice guides, toolkits, reports, research, web-based seminars and videos.

Steve Egan, HEFCE’s Deputy Chief Executive and lead on sustainable development, said:

‘Higher education has a unique role to play in sustainable development, making a vital contribution to society’s efforts to achieve sustainability.  It’s essential that the sector’s collective expertise should be readily available, and therefore we are delighted to have supported this innovative project.’ 

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