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CWDC - Revealing insight into social care roles

New research into social care professions could have a major impact on the way we develop a professional framework for the sector.

The study, carried out for us by the University of Salford and Action for Children, looked at updating current workforce data, and identifying the key roles and the roles of graduates within the care workforce. It included desk research, an online questionnaire and a series of consultation events.

Ann Harrison, National Manager for Social Care, said:

“The research identified that a more useful approach for social care professional development is to focus on where a child comes into contact with a professional, rather than on specific roles.”

The research identified three groups of children social care workers support. The first was children living away from home, including those in foster and residential care.

The second group focused on those working with children in a school or day care setting, such as early years professionals and teachers. The final group concentrated on those working with children in the community or at the child’s home, for example social work assistants and youth workers.  

Ann added:

“This approach will have a major influence on how we progress the social care professional framework and moves the emphasis away from a large number of individual learning routes to a more simplified model.

“The framework should empower employers and learners to make informed decisions about the most appropriate training that best suits their needs by providing relevant and timely information”

View the executive summary for the research.

For more information get in touch with us at socialcare@cwdcouncil.org.uk.


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