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Care Bill contains new powers to help Monitor continue to promote and protect patients interests

Health sector regulator Monitor will be given additional powers to step in and tackle failing health care providers as part of the Care Bill currently progressing through Parliament.

A joint policy statement, published by Monitor, the Department of Health and other health bodies as the Bill makes its way through the House of Lords, explains that Monitor will be able to impose additional conditions to a provider’s licence if the Care Quality Commission has issued a warning notice to a foundation trust.

Failure to comply with these extra conditions would provide grounds for Monitor to remove, suspend or replace the foundation trust’s directors or governors.

The policy document also sets out how the division of roles between Monitor and the CQC will continue to be made simpler and clearer. Through the Chief Inspector of Hospitals, the CQC will be responsible for inspecting hospitals while, through our enforcement regime, Monitor will fix the problems which have been identified. 

Monitor already has powers to fulfil its duty to protect and promote the interests of patients by stepping in if we believe that poor governance at NHS Foundation Trusts would lead to them breaching, or potentially breaching, their licence.  We can give additional support and direction to Trusts or intervene if necessary to ensure essential services continue to be provided for patients.

Stephen Hay, Managing Director Provider Regulation said: “Monitor is determined to work closely with other regulatory bodies, such as the CQC, to ensure patients get access to the services they need and best use is made of the finite NHS budget.

"The public expects all regulatory bodies to work together to quickly identify where problems exist and make sure they get fixed. This policy document sets out how we propose to do that."

Notes to editors

  • For media enquiries please contact Phil Groves, Senior Media Relations Manager, on 020 7340 2444 or (
  • Copies of the joint policy statement are available on the Monitor website.
  • The Care Bill began its passage through Parliament on 9 May. It had its second reading in the Lords on 21 May and will begin its first committee stage in June.
  • Monitor is the sector regulator of NHS funded health care services. Under the Health and Social Care 2012 Act its main duty is to protect and promote the interests of patients.
  • Information about Monitor's role can be found here.
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