Public and Commercial Services Union
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Tide of opinion turns against tax dodgers

Responding to the vote by MEPs to support a Robin Hood tax on financial transactions and oppose tax havens, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said:

"This vote by democratically-elected MEPs reflects a tide of opinion across the continent that has turned against big corporations and fat cat bosses who avoid or evade tax.

"The UK and other European states should grasp the moment and introduce the legislation needed to outlaw tax havens and clamp down on tax evaders and avoiders.

"The billions of pounds saved by this action and the money raised by a Robin Hood tax could be used to stop cuts to public services, create green jobs, and tackle global poverty.

"PCS members in Revenue and Customs want to go after the tax dodgers - but they just don't have the staff.

"It's time to create thousands of jobs for tax enforcers and set them on the corporate cheats."


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