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Consultation to Improve Youth Justice Services Begins

A consultation began yesterday on proposals to improve services to children and young people at risk of entering, or who are already in, the youth justice system.

The Minister for Local Government and Communities, Carl Sargeant has published a Green Paper exploring options to improve youth justice provision in Wales including whether there is a need for legislation.

Launching the consultation the Minister said:

“We know that children and young people who become involved in the youth justice system can be some of the most disadvantaged young people in Wales.

“Acquiring a criminal record early in life can stifle their potential and deny them access to employment and other opportunities. Without help they may continue to offend, becoming the adult prisoners of the future and parents of the next generation of children and young people who are involved in crime.

“I am determined to break this cycle so that they lead more constructive lives and make a positive contribution to society.

“This consultation sets out the current landscape of youth justice services in Wales and looks at how the Welsh Government may use its powers to improve services in future.

“I am committed to meeting the needs of our children and young people and to ensuring that the public are protected. We must all help children and young people to get the support that they need to shape more positive and prosperous lives.”

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