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Ofgem response to British Gas Honest Conversation announcement

Ian Marlee, Ofgem’s Partner for Markets said: “Ofgem welcomes British Gas’s recognition that suppliers need an open and honest dialogue with their customers. A key theme of our reform programme is that in order to restore consumer trust all suppliers must play it straight with consumers and we are pleased to see BG, SSE and E.ON responding to this by launching specific initiatives to improve transparency for customers.

“As part of urgently restoring confidence we are calling on all suppliers to get behind Ofgem’s reforms to deliver what consumers tell us they want; a simpler, more competitive energy market. Without the decisive break with the past that Ofgem’s reforms offer consumers will continue to mistrust energy suppliers.

“We will be examining British Gas’ proposals to see how far they meet our objectives to simplify tariffs, but we see a real advantage for consumers in a consistent, enforceable approach to reform and Ofgem is determined to deliver this.”

Click here for our factsheet on our simpler tariff proposals.

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