Food Standards Agency
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Advice issued on apples glazed with morpholine

Following information received via a sampling programme, the Food Standards Agency is informing local authorities that the non-permitted additive morpholine has been found on some apples imported to the UK from Chile.

Morpholine is used as a carrier for glazing agents applied to fruit and is permitted in various countries outside of the EU, including Chile, the USA and Canada. No application has been made to approve this additive in the EU, therefore it should not be present in food on sale in member states.

The Agency has undertaken an initial risk assessment based on information currently available. Exposure to morpholine at the levels detected on these apples is likely to be of low risk to consumers.

Food business operators have been advised that affected apples should not be on sale in the UK. In addition, any affected produce in transit should be returned to the country of origin or any other non-EU country where the use of morpholine is permitted. Produce located at UK ports should not enter the UK supply chain.


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