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Renewables study published

The Department of Energy and Climate Change recently published an independent study on projected costs and deployment potential for different renewable electricity technologies up to 2030.

The aim of the study – undertaken by Arup - is to provide baseline data to inform a consultation this summer on support levels for a range of renewable electricity technologies for the period 2013-17 under the Renewables Obligation. The study is an independent assessment of scope and potential of technologies, and not a statement of government policy.

Charles Hendry, Minister of State for Energy said:

“It is vital that our support for renewable electricity both encourages investment and represents value for money for consumers.

“This study provides a detailed picture of generation costs and deployment potential for a wide range of technologies to inform our work in this area.”

Notes for editors

  1. The full Arup report filetype:pdf filesize: 2626.46Kb
  2. The Renewables Obligation (RO) is the current main mechanism for supporting large scale generation of renewable electricity. More information about the RO is available on the Renewable Obligation page of the DECC website
  3. DECC commissioned Arup in October 2010 to review the market costs and the potential of eligible renewable electricity technologies to provide the economic and technical evidence to underpin the revision of the RO bands.
  4. DECC announced in December 2010 that the timetable for reviewing the banding of the RO would be brought forward - DECC Press Release 
  5. To speak to Arup please call 020 7755 6649


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