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Autumn Statement: “UK has shown leadership in budget commitment to tackling poverty” says VSO

International development charity VSO yesterday (5 December) warmly welcomed the announcement in yesterday’s Autumn Statement to commit 0.7% of the UK’s income to aid spending.

VSO Chief Executive, Marg Mayne said:

“I’m very pleased that the Chancellor is standing firm on the UK’s commitment to support the world’s poorest communities by meeting the international target of investing 0.7% of national income in development spending.

“Many countries are already feeling the effects of diminishing support from international donors: it is essential the UK remains a world leader in showing how important it is to invest in people. In 2013 the UK hosts the presidency of the G8, and I hope this commitment will inspire others to meet their promises to the world’s poor.”

“Today’s commitment means the UK can continue to invest in people’s access to basic rights such as health and education. For less than a penny in every pound of national income, incredible results can and have been achieved.  Over the last two years UK support has already helped over 5 million children go to primary school and trained over 190,000 teachers. I welcome the government's continued emphasis on ensuring that development assistance has significant, measurable impact.

“Given the fiscal constraints it’s increasingly important that DFID spending focuses on long-term, sustainable solutions to poverty, such as empowering women and girls. “

Editor's notes

About VSO:

VSO is different from most organisations that fight poverty. Instead of sending money or food, we bring people together to share skills and knowledge. In doing so, we create lasting change. VSO volunteers work in whatever fields are necessary to address the forces that keep people in poverty – from education and health through helping people learn the skills they need to make a living. In doing so they invest in local people, so the impact they have endures long after their placement ends.

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