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Find out more about Universal Credit

This week, Universal Credit went live for the first time in the Pathfinder area of Ashton-under-Lyne in Tameside. For those not in the know, the new benefit combines 6 existing in work benefits - including Jobseekers Allowance, Housing Benefit and Working Tax Credit. The system will be trialled in four Pathfinder area over the summer, and will begun to be rolled out nationally across the country from October this year.

If you support people to improve their computer and internet skills, Universal Credit is so important as it's the first ever benefit to be built as “digital by default”, which means the vast majority of claimants will need to make and manage their claims online, which will need a higher level of digital skills.

This is why we’ve developed the Online Plus package of courses, which will help learners become confident internet users, with all of the skills needed to use online services.

To help you prepare for Universal Credit - or if you’re in the Pathfinder area, to help you support learners with making their claims, the Department for Work and Pensions have created the Universal Credit toolkit. Here you’ll find details about what Universal Credit is, the process claimants will have to go through, as well as more information on claiming Universal Credit online. If you’ve got any questions at all about the new benefit, and how it will affect those you support, this is a great place to go to find out more.

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