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ICT functions responding well to recessionary pressures

Socitm's summary of ICT benchmarking results for 2011, now available from this website, shows that local authority ICT functions are responding well to conditions of severe austerity.

ICT departments face the twin challenges of doing more for less while playing a potentially key role in transforming their organisations, deploying technology to allow services to be maintained while budgets are falling.
Making do with less: summary of benchmarking results for 2011 says that despite a tough year, ICT functions maintained user satisfaction above Socitm's target benchmark. However, the tension between growing demand for ICT services and reduced resources has led to declining satisfaction on almost every front.
The report says there is no sign of light at the end of the austerity tunnel. While there are variations in the proportions of overall budget allocated to ICT, no organisation has escaped the funding squeeze. On the plus side, the evidence to date suggests that ICT functions will respond well to the extreme challenges likely in the years ahead.
The report identifies four priorities for ICT managers, and sets out the importance of benchmarking as a means to probe processes and procedures, identify opportunities to strip out costs and increase efficiency, and target opportunities to save.
Making do with less: summary of benchmarking results for 2011 can be downloaded free of charge by Socitm Insight subscribers.

Others may order the publication, which costs £295 (or £275 for Socitm members).

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