Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC - formerly IPCC)
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IPCC statement re story published in The Guardian in relation to the investigation into the death of Mark Duggan

The IPCC believes the headline on an article published in The Guardian in connection with the investigation into the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan is misleading, speculative and wholly irresponsible.

The IPCC expressed its concerns to The Guardian last night over the article’s headline and we had been given the impression that the headline would be amended but, disappointingly The Guardian appears to have chosen not to. We will be considering in due course whether it would be appropriate for a formal complaint to be made to the Press Complaints Commission about this matter.

The IPCC investigation into the death of Mark Duggan is examining a range of issues. This is a complex investigation that involves gathering information including witness statements, pathology, forensics and ballistics analysis and we have stated to the coroner that it will be completed within four to six months. One of the key elements we will seek to establish is the sequence of events concerning the non-police issue firearm found at the scene. That has not been established yet, contrary to what has been written in The Guardian article recently.  We would urge people not to rush to judgment until our investigation is complete and they have the opportunity to see and hear the full evidence themselves.

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