Food Standards Agency
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Food route – a new lesson on food

The Agency has published a new range of resources to enable young people to learn essential food-related skills and knowledge.

Food route: a journey through food' is a range of colourful age-appropriate workbooks designed and developed to bring the Agency's food competences to life. The materials are supported by teachers' user guides and downloadable certificates, which can be awarded on completion of the various activities.

The primary school resources deliver learning around a healthy balanced diet, being safe in the kitchen, carrying out basic cooking skills, such as peeling, slicing and mixing, as well as teaching children about food labelling and where their food comes from.

The secondary school workbooks contain activities for young people looking at the Agency's '8 tips for eating well', being a healthy weight, preventing cross-contamination, understanding storage instructions on food labels, factors affecting our food choices (including the influence of advertising) and how to make recipes healthier when they cook.

The Food route resources have been developed with the British Nutrition Foundation and informed by young people themselves and their teachers.