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BHF - New research shows statins are effective and safe

A new study, largely funded by us, has highlighted the long-term benefits and safety of cholesterol-busting statins.

The research involved an 11-year follow-up study on people taking statins and showed the drug, in this case simvastatin, was safe, with no increase in cancer cases or deaths from other, non heart-related causes.

BHF's Medical Director, Professor Peter Weissberg, said: “This trial gives a very reassuring message for people taking statins. It shows the benefits of statins lasted throughout the whole 11 years of a follow-up study and that there is no evidence of any serious unexpected side effects

“The findings also tell us that most of the benefits of statins are achieved in the first few months of treatment. Because of this research, people who are deemed by their doctor to be at a high risk of a heart attack or stroke should be started on a statins promptly and should continue to take them indefinitely.”

The study, involving 20,000 people at increased risk of heart or circulatory disease, was published in the Lancet.

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