Ministry of Defence
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MOD consults public on countryside access

The MOD has launched a formal consultation on the five-year review of 21 sets of access arrangements, set up in 2007, relating to Open Access on military land across the country. Walkers, cyclists, horse riders and other people who use military land have the opportunity to contribute to this consultation.

Most military sites where hazardous or sensitive activities take place are covered by MOD Byelaws made under the Military Lands Act 1892 (MLA). These allow safe public access, when permitted, and give approval for appropriate activities. The MOD has a programme to review and update these Byelaws.

New or revised Byelaws will be introduced for the majority of these sites, but in the meantime, Section 28 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (CROW Act) allows the Government to make a 'Direction' that excludes or restricts access onto land covered by the Act for the purpose of Defence.

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