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Police pay protected

Following the announcement that Home Secretary Theresa May has agreed to cut starting salaries for police constables in England and Wales by £4,000 to £19,000, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said:

"The Scottish Government did not commission the Winsor Review which relates to policing in England and Wales. We will not impose changes to the terms and conditions of our hard working, dedicated officers. Starting salaries for our police constables in Scotland will stay the same.

"The Police Service in Scotland will not be privatised, we will safeguard officer numbers, we will not implement the Winsor package north of the border and we will protect this vital service from Westminster cuts.

"The choices we have made to protect policing in Scotland build on our ambition, and the ambition of police, to provide an even better service to our people despite the financial challenges we face.

"Public confidence in police is at an historic high in Scotland, crime is at a 37 year low, clear up rates are at a 37 year high, reoffending rates and crimes of handling an offensive weapon are at their lowest for a decade.

"Police Scotland will build on this record of success and protect and improve local services, create equal access to specialist support and national capacity and strengthen connections between police and the communities they serve."

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