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Helen Grant marks LGB&T History Month

Promoting diversity and equality through music.

February marks LGB&T History Month in the UK, a month of events celebrating the lives and achievements of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB&T) community and the theme this year is music.

Britain is renowned for being one of the greatest creators and exporters of music in the world. The UK’s music industry is driven by the diversity and creativity of many artists who represent LGB&T rights and act as role models for LGB&T people around the world.

Marking the UK’s contribution to this year’s theme Minister for Women and Equalities Helen Grant said:

“Music is such a powerful way for people to express themselves. There have been many inspirational British musicians who have helped change attitudes and challenge stereotypes so it’s great that LGB&T History Month is dedicating this year to music. I’d like to personally pay tribute to the enormous contribution and sacrifices they have made to help us build a fairer society.”

Key achievements

The government is committed to advancing LGB&T equality and we have made a real difference:

  • the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act received Royal Assent last year and the first marriages of same sex couples will be able to take place from 29 March 2014
  • in December 2011, we changed the law to allow same-sex couples to register their civil partnership on religious premises on a permissive basis
  • we now recognise 75 overseas same sex partnerships as equivalent to UK civil partnerships, 50 more than when the Civil Partnership Act 2004 was enacted
  • we have delivered our commitment to bring forward legislation to disregard consensual gay sex convictions, and those affected can now submit applications to the Home Office

Visit the LGBT History Month website

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