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Permanent contract success for PCS members in Liverpool Museums

As a result of a joint negotiating initiative between PCS union and Prospect, 139 staff at National Museums Liverpool (NML) will move from fixed term to permanent contracts following agreement reached Monday 23 April.

PCS industrial officer Jayson Sloss said: “At our last meeting, on Monday 16 April, we discussed the issue of fixed-term contracts. NML currently has a total of 163 staff on fixed term contracts. Twenty four are genuine fixed term contracts and their status will remain the same. However, the remaining 139 posts were incorrectly recruited on fixed-term contracts when they should have been recruited as permanent posts because they carry out on-going core functions.”

They consist of two groups

  • 116 employed in Visitor Services, as cleaners, visitor assistants, assistant managers, and admin staff (PCS members)
  • 23 employed as demonstrators and in other departments (PCS & Prospect members)

PCS and Prospect jointly requested that these 139 employees are offered permanent contracts. Many of the staff has been employed for more than two years and therefore,

have full employment rights, in essence the same rights as permanent members of staff.

Clara Paillard, PCS Branch Chairperson commented, "This decision is a great step forward. It means that the staff will have the same employment status as everybody else".

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