Lifelong Learning UK
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Lifelong Learning UK helps tutors refresh vocational skills

Lifelong Learning UK has launched a nationwide programme to connect teachers, tutors, and trainers in the further education sector with business and industry employers, helping them enhance their vocational skills.

Business Interchange encourages and supports tutors wishing to take part in a work placement with a local business, helping them gather continuing professional development (CPD) experience which can ultimately ensure training providers are delivering the skilled workforces businesses need.

Following a successful pilot programme which connected more than 200 training organisations with 471 businesses, Lifelong Learning UK is rolling Business Interchange out nationwide. Learning providers are being encouraged to sign their staff up and tutors can also register directly with the programme.

Tutors in the further education sector need to undertake a minimum 30 hours professional development per year to maintain their competencies and
learning potential. Business Interchange provides a way for them to make the most of their CPD time and bring sharper skills and knowledge back to their learners, whilst also linking with the employers whose needs they address.

Learning providers and tutors are invited to sign up to Business Interchange, set their objectives, and receive help to find and plan a placement. Lifelong Learning UK provides support throughout the process, including resources, a telephone helpline and access to 'on the ground' co-ordinators with experience in brokering placements. Funding is also available to organisations who take part, if a placement meets Lifelong Learning UK requirements and is successfully completed.

For further information and to register visit or call 0845 602 5291.

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