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Launch of Government’s Olympic Security Strategy

Launch of Government’s Olympic Security Strategy

News Release issued by the COI News Distribution Service on 21 July 2009

A shared strategy for ensuring a safe and secure Olympic Games was published by the Home Secretary Alan Johnson today.

The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Safety and Security Strategy sets out how the Government will achieve its aim of a safe and secure Games, in keeping with the Olympic culture and spirit, and confirms that Olympic security will be delivered within the £600 million funding envelope.

Under the leadership of the Home Office, the strategy is the result of close cooperation between the Government Olympic Executive, the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG), the office of the London Mayor, the security and emergency services and a wide range of other Government departments and agencies.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson said:

“Our promise of a safe and secure 2012 Olympics was a major factor in the decision to bring the Games to this country and it is something I am determined to deliver.

“This strategy sets out how we will deliver our aim of an Olympic experience that everyone can enjoy and confirms that security planning is progressing in good time and to budget.”

Minister for the Olympics, Tessa Jowell said:

“The UK is very experienced at delivering major sporting and cultural events safely and securely.

“With three years to go to the Games, the publication of the Security Strategy shows that we are making good progress with security preparations for London 2012, building on the experience that we already have to create an environment in which people from all over the world can come and enjoy the London Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

The Strategy sets out the principles that underpin the Government’s planning for Olympic security, the threats the UK faces, and how the Government will achieve its aim of ensuring a safe and secure Games through a strategy to:

* Protect Olympic and Paralympic venues, events and supporting transport infrastructure, and those attending and using them;

* Prepare for events that may significantly disrupt the safety and security of the Games and ensure capabilities are in place to mitigate their impact;

* Identify and Disrupt threats to the safety and security of the Games;

* Command, Control, Plan and Resource for the safety and security operation; and

* Engage with international and domestic partners and communities, to enhance our security and ensure the success of our Strategy.

The Strategy will apply to competition venues and other areas directly and significantly affected by the Games as well as the transport routes that will carry a significant proportion of people to the competition venues.

Work is already being done to mitigate risk to the Olympic sites. Where appropriate, the design and construction of Olympic venues and infrastructure will seek to “design out” security vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police has established a dedicated team to police the Olympic site. This team works alongside UK Border Agency staff who ensure that only people who have a right to work are able to access jobs on the site.


1. The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Safety and Security Strategy can be found at: www.homeoffice.gov.uk

2. The Olympic and Paralympic Games will run from 27 July to 9 September 2012. There will be 26 Olympic sports in 34 venues and 20 Paralympic sports in 21 venues across London and the United Kingdom. Up to 250,000 accredited persons will attend, including around 20,000 press; an estimated 9 million tickets are likely to be sold.

3. In March 2007 the Minister for the Olympics and the then Home Secretary agreed a funding envelope of £600m within the public sector funding provision of £9.325bn for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to cover additional costs arising from safety and security.

4. The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Safety and Security Strategy is fully integrated with the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy CONTEST2, which can be found at the following link: www.homeoffice.gov.uk



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