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CBI - TechBacc will lead to more rigorous vocational qualifications

The CBI has responded to the Technical Baccalaureate (“TechBacc”) proposals announced yesterday by the Department for Education.

Neil Carberry, CBI Director for Employment & Skills said:

“This should lead to more rigorous vocational A-levels over time.

“Including the TechBacc in existing league tables will help put vocational subjects on a par with academic A-levels.  Business  prefers this approach, rather than creating another new qualification which would struggle for recognition – like the Diploma did.

 “The proof of the pudding will be ensuring that the current review of vocational qualifications produces highly rigorous and effective courses that make the TechBacc a success.

 “A successful TechBacc requires high quality of vocational courses, including practical experience and  the attitudes young people need for the workplace. Vitally, it would also make sure students carry on studying maths and English up to 18 and make it easier for students to focus on technical education from 14 onwards."


The CBI published a major report on reforming the education system in November 2012 - First Steps - A New Approach For Our Schools.

Among the recommendations, it called for:

- Strengthened A-Levels to be used alongside new gold standard vocational A-levels as the summative point of the education system at 18;

- Individual learning plans to 18 designed to deliver a high-quality education for every child;

- A move away from GCSEs to new assessments aimed at supporting student decision-making about subject choices and career paths. These could be undertaken at 14 or 16, including a mix of exams and regular assessment.



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