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Independent Review recommends 'a fresh start' for the management of England's strategic roads

Independent Review recommends 'a fresh start' for the management of England's strategic roads

News Release issued by the COI News Distribution Service on 24 November 2011

Issued by the News Distribution Service on behalf of the Cook Review

Major savings for taxpayers and benefits for the national economy could be unlocked by reforming the Government's management of England's motorways and trunk roads, says an independent review published today.

Speaking on the day of the publication of the review, Alan Cook said:

"The management of our strategic roads is at odds with every other major infrastructure sector in the UK. By applying the lessons learnt by the best performing companies in other sectors, there is the potential to save taxpayers at least £200 million a year after 5 years, and to provide a much better service for road users and the wider economy."

The report recommends that the Secretary of State for Transport should take on a new, more strategic role in the management of the network, providing longer-term funding certainty for the organisation and acting as a champion for the interests of road users and the economy through a performance specification with tough new targets for efficiency and customer service. Alongside of this, the report also recommends reforming the status of the current Highways Agency, giving it a more independent Board, which can make better and more flexible commercial decisions with greater financial autonomy.

Mr Cook concluded: "The importance of this network to the growth of the economy is enormous. It handles a third of all traffic in England and two-thirds of all freight traffic. But policy makers need to be much clearer about what they want the network to deliver in return for the public money that is spent on it. Meeting the country's current economic and financial challenges demands a change in our approach."

Notes to Editors

1. The full report and a set of frequently asked questions is available at:

2. The review was announced in April 2011 by the Secretary of State for Transport. It has been led by Alan Cook, who is the Non-Executive Chairman of the Highways Agency.

3. For further details, or to request an interview with Alan Cook, please contact Amelia Yeodal on 07789 017 212 or email


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