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Defra’s evidence investment strategy 2013 and beyond

Defra’s evidence investment strategy 2013 and beyond

News Release issued by the COI News Distribution Service on 26 January 2010

13/01 Defra’s new Evidence Investment Strategy (EIS), provides an agenda to prioritise and manage Defra’s investment in evidence from 2010 to 2013. It highlights the need to focus efforts on climate change, protecting ecosystems and developing a sustainable food supply. The strategy will ensure that Defra has access to the best evidence when developing policies.

Professor Bob Watson, Defra’s Chief Scientific Adviser, said:

“It is absolutely essential that all the policies that we formulate are based on sound evidence. We now understand more about the challenges facing the earth’s climate, ecosystem services and the supply of sustainable and healthy food. There has never been a time when there was a greater need for good quality evidence to contribute to policy making and sound decisions.”

“Defra recognises this and invests heavily in evidence, spending approximately £240m to evidence-related activities, including research, surveillance and scientific specialists in 2009/10.”

The EIS will build on the progress made by Defra’s first evidence strategy - Evidence and Innovation 2005-2008 - by encouraging better use of evidence for policy making.

The strategy contains a number or recommendations including the importance of working with others, both internally and through partnerships with the Research Councils and other government departments aimed at improving our evidence use.

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