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Efficiency targets beaten

Scotland's public sector efficiency targets have been exceeded for the third year in a row.

New figures published today show that the public sector delivered £2,276 million of efficiency savings in 2010-11, exceeding the target of £1,603 million by £673 million. That equates to 8.5 per cent of the 2007-08 baseline, considerably above the target for six per cent savings for the year. Efficiency savings are reinvested in improving public services.

Finance Secretary John Swinney said:

"We want to see public services that maximise the impact of every pound and provide the greatest benefit to all the people of Scotland, in the face of cuts to our budget by the UK Government.

"The Scottish Government has pursued a vigorous programme of efficiency and public sector reform that is delivering results and driving improvements. In the first two years of the programme, we exceeded our targets by £300 million and £400 million. Last year, £2.276 billion of efficiency savings were made - £673 million above the target - through new ways of using resources, collaborating across public services or improving procurement.

"That money is being reinvested in the public sector to deliver frontline services or lever in new efficiencies. This is an impressive level of delivery and I welcome the commitment that all public sector staff are showing to make our public services the best they can be.

"Public bodies are required to deliver efficiencies of at least three per cent this financial year. Set against the deep cuts to Scotland's budget from Westminster, the Spending Review for the next three years will intensify our focus on value for money and continue to squeeze every penny out of every pound to get the best, most efficient and effective public services."

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