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Children's services in Aberdeen

Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop has responded to today's HMIE report on inspection of services to protect children and young people in Aberdeen.

She said:

"Every child in Scotland deserves to be safe and secure as they grow up. Ensuring fast and effective protection is available to every young person at risk of neglect or abuse is a key priority for this government and clearly HMIE's findings are very concerning.

"That's why the Children's Minister Adam Ingram has already been in touch with Aberdeen City Council and other key child protection agencies in the area to ensure that the recommendations in this report are being addressed as a matter of urgency.

"The situation must improve but we have been reassured that considerable efforts are being made and things are moving in the right direction. Scottish Government officials are offering advice and support to Aberdeen as needed, and are highlighting examples of best practice from local authorities doing well in the areas that Aberdeen have been struggling with.

"We will closely monitor how the action plan to meet the recommendations in this report is taken forward as well as continuing to work with Aberdeen City Council, Grampian Police and NHS Grampian to help ensure that children in Aberdeen are protected."

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