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We welcome Govt's response to the BIS Committee's inquiry into securing the future of post offices

The Government has issued its response to the Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) Select Committee inquiry into the future of post offices. We contributed our evidence to the inquiry earlier in the year.

We're pleased to see a number of points of clarification by the Government, many of which echo the concerns we raised:

  • The Govt accepts the need for continued subsidy to help sustain the post office network after the current agreement runs out in 2011 & to avoid a further closure programme. It's already in discussion with the Post Office about a future funding package

  • It recognises post offices need to develop new business including banking and financial services. The BIS Committee is asking for more information as to how this can be achieved. Another way of enhancing the role of post offices could be through greater access to central and local government services

  • We're pleased that the Post Office is in discussion with Credit Unions about making their services available through post offices. We believe this would be a very effective way of improving financial inclusion for rural areas where alternative sources of credit are often not available

  • The Govt reiterates its acceptance of the important social role played by post offices and the need many individuals have for face to face contact including those who do not have access to a computer

We welcome these positive statements by Government and we look forward to a brighter future for post offices.

Download the full Government response to the BIS committee's inquiry

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