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England's motorway network Unfit for 80

England's motorway network is not safe enough to have the speed limit raised to 80mph, according to Unfit for 80, a new report from the Road Safety Foundation.

Poorly-maintained and inadequate roadside protection and the rapidly rising risk of shunt crashes from the sheer volume of traffic using England's motorways are key factors of safety concern in the report, which is published while the Government continues to consider a review of the motorway speed limit.

The Road Safety Foundation report finds that currently motorways do not provide enough protection to drivers and car occupants to consider raising the speed limit.  In new research, it shows widespread faults in run-off protection which are doubling the rate of death and serious injury where there is missing protection.  It shows shunt crashes rise exponentially with increased traffic flow, yet only a handful of motorway sections like the M25 and M42 have the electronic controls with hazard warning and variable speed limits that are needed to manage the intense flows common across England's motorways.

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