National Crime Agency
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SOCA warning on malware scam

SOCA is aware that its name and brand have been used by criminals attempting to defraud members of the public.

Computer users find that their screens are locked, and at the same time they receive a message purporting to be from SOCA which states that their computer screen will only be unlocked if they pay a fine. In reality, the computer has been infected with malicious software (malware), disseminated by cyber criminals for financial gain.

SOCA will never contact members of the public and demand money in this way. Anyone contacted in this manner should never pay any money, and should seek immediate advice on removing the malware from reputable computer specialists.

Similar versions of the malware, often claiming to be from other law enforcement bodies or private companies, are also in circulation. Anyone who thinks they have fallen victim to this, or any other, form of fraud, are advised to report it to Action Fraud at

Further information on online fraud, downloading antivirus and antispyware software, and other advice on protecting your computer can be found at

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