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The future of public debt: prospects and implications

A paper, from the website of the Bank for International Settlements (by Stephen Cecchetti, Madhusudan Mohanty and Fabrizio Zampolli), examines what current fiscal policy and expected future age-related spending imply for the path of debt/GDP ratios over the next several decades.
Since the start of the financial crisis, industrial country public debt levels have increased dramatically. And they are set to continue rising for the foreseeable future.

A number of countries face the prospect of large and rising future costs related to the ageing of their populations.
Their projections of public debt ratios lead them to conclude that the path pursued by fiscal authorities in a number of industrial countries is unsustainable.

Drastic measures are necessary to check the rapid growth of current and future liabilities of governments and reduce their adverse consequences for long-term growth and monetary stability.

Bank for International Settlements


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