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WorldSkills London 2011 has become the latest independent organisation to publish on Wired-GOV

WorldSkills London 2011 – the world’s largest international skills Competition – comes to the UK this year for the first time in 22 years.

Around 150,000 visitors are expected to attend the Competition, which takes place from 5-8 October at ExCeL London. Visitors will be able to see 1,000 talented young people from across the globe battle it out to be the world’s best in 46 different skills competitions – ranging from mobile robotics, computer-aided design and engineering to landscape gardening.
This huge international event will provide a unique, amazing and inspiring experience. As well as seeing skills in action, visitors will be able to ‘Have a Go’ at different jobs and careers; get expert careers information, advice and guidance;  and visit the ‘Make it Happen’ interactive exhibition provided by top employers, training providers and career organisations.
Every community and business in the thrives on skills, enterprise and inspiration and WorldSkills London 2011 aims to be the catalyst that sparks the ambitions not just of competitors but of people across the UK.
In the lead up to the event, the WorldSkills London 2011 ‘Have a Go’ campaign aims to provide one million opportunities for people across the to try a new skill. Have a Go is a fun, interactive way of getting people involved in skills, culminating in a three-week skills festival from 19 September to 9 October.

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