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CBI responds to Miliband speech on public services reform

The CBI responded to a speech by the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, on public services reform.

Katja Hall, CBI Chief Policy Director, said:

"With significant budget challenges, public service reform is more important than ever.

"The State is often unwieldy and hard to deal with, which is why we need to break down barriers to better information sharing between providers.

"Someone who is out of work because they are unwell should be able to go to one point of contact with the Government joining up the dots to the other providers required to deliver a 360 degree service.

"To empower people to hold the services they use to account, all providers need to publish more performance information, more often, in an accessible format.

"As Ed Miliband suggests, councils can be best-placed to be local champions for competitive, accountable, and transparent public services but we need to determine the practical steps to deliver this agenda, including whether they have the skills and autonomy to carry out this role."   

On education, Ms Hall said:

"The role and contribution of parents is crucial to raising standards in all our schools – and many parents already serve as school governors. 

"But teachers are the key - any new reporting requirements must be proportionate and new parental powers to intervene must not undermine the freedom that schools and teachers need to innovate and deliver engaging, inspiring learning."   

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