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Audit Scotland - Management and scrutiny of NHS waiting lists have to improve

The Scottish Government and health boards must improve the management and scrutiny of NHS waiting lists to assure patients that they are being treated fairly. Key aspects of the current systems are inadequate and insufficient information is recorded in patient records.

Audit Scotland has today published the findings of its audit of the management of patients on waiting lists at NHS boards. This was carried out following the discovery of manipulation of waiting lists and misreporting of performance by NHS Lothian during 2011. Inappropriate use of waiting list codes has been reported at NHS Tayside.

Audit Scotland’s review covered April to December 2011, the period during which lists were known to be manipulated at NHS Lothian. It follows a report in 2010 in which Audit Scotland raised concerns about inconsistent application of waiting lists guidance and the need for better information to enable boards to show they were managing patients properly.

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