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Putting well-being for all at the heart of social services

An innovative new document has been published by the Welsh Government to improve the well-being of people who need care and support and carers who need support.
The “Well-being Statement” sets out a range of factors that contribute to the well-being of a person, and which people in need of care and support can expect in their daily lives.  
These encompass areas such as participation in society and the right to have a voice in decisions that affect them.
It will also make clear to organisations what differences their services are expected to make. 
The newly published Well-being Statement is the first step in the production of a National Outcomes Framework, which is a commitment within Sustainable Social Services, the Welsh Government’s 10-year plan to meet changing needs and expectations of service users, as well as the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Bill. 
It has been drawn up in collaboration with many service users and groups, predominantly in the social care sector.

The statement is accompanied by a three-year improvement plan which will be the basis for a shift in the way social services are planned and delivered in Wales, supporting more control for individuals over the services they receive. 
The Welsh Government will use the Well-being Statement, as a basis to assess the performance of providers, to drive continuous improvement and to help decide what policies are required.
Deputy Minister for Social Services, Gwenda Thomas, said:
“Well-being is everyone’s right and everyone’s responsibility. We need to work together across Welsh Government, across sectors and agencies to promote well-being. 
“I am pleased to launch this Well-being Statement, which documents a common understanding of what really matters in the day to day lives of an individual.
“This is about giving people a stronger voice and greater control over their lives, and ensuring people get the care and support they need to lead fulfilled lives."

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