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Practically irrelevant: Vocational Qualifications in schools not fit for purpose

Third-rate courses wrongly presented as 'vocational', must go.

Beneath the continuing rise in GCSE results lies a troubling truth about what is happening in schools.

Forming part of the forthcoming publication, Unqualified Success: Investigating the state of vocational training in the UK, research from independent think tank Civitas finds that:

    i. Students are being led away from basic academic subjects to learn how to serve drinks in Hospitality BTEC Firsts and to identify airport facilities in Travel and Tourism OCR Nationals;

    ii. Even in compulsory academic subjects e.g. science, students are being entered for lower-level 'vocational' versions;

    iii. The reputation and worth of vocational training is being heavily undermined as 'practically irrelevant' qualifications are mis-sold as 'vocational';

    iv. Evidence suggests that an educational apartheid is underway as lower-income students are considerably more likely to be entered for sub-standard qualifications.

Reduced financial uncertainty for customers and significant financial savings for Councils.