Food Standards Agency
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Working in partnership: views wanted

The Food Standards Agency has yesterday launched a consultation to get the public’s views on a framework that will be used when deciding when and how to use external data from industry and non-governmental organisations. The framework will also be used when considering whether to jointly fund research with industry or non-governmental organisations.

The framework aims to help the Agency ensure that risks to the quality and robustness of data, and the Agency’s perceived independence and transparency, are considered in a consistent way when developing partnerships. It will also make the Agency’s principles and approach clear to potential partners and stakeholders.

The framework entitled 'Use of external scientific data not in the peer-reviewed literature and co-funding of scientific research with industry or interest groups' was produced by the Agency’s independent expert General Advisory Committee on Science (GACS).

Responses to the consultation will be collated and considered by the FSA board and GACS.

The deadline for responses is Thursday 4 August 2011.

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