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Pupils praise extended schools

Pupils praise extended schools

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY FOR SCHOOLS News Release issued by The Government News Network on 22 October 2007

Ahead of target - TDA announces there are now 8,000 extended schools

The majority of school children regard extended services in schools as "great", a survey of 11 to 16 year-olds reveals, and many would like to be involved in planning and designing services at their school.

The research, published today by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA), finds that 90 per cent of pupils think it is a good idea to have access to extended services in and around their schools; and 61 per cent of pupils would like input in planning extended school services with their student council.

The research reveals sports and arts activities to be the most popular choices with pupils. Over 80 per cent of schools now offer them as part of a varied menu of after school activities, with 60 per cent using them on a frequent basis.

The momentum behind the extended schools programme is building as the TDA announces that 8,000 schools are now offering access to the full 'core offer' of extended services - 2,000 more than the government target for Autumn 2007. Some 72 per cent of schools in England are already offering some extended provision.

A varied menu of activities is one aspect of the full 'core offer' that the government expects all schools to provide access to this by 2010. The other core offer elements are: 8am - 6pm childcare in primary schools; parenting support including family learning; community access to school facilities, such as sports spaces and IT suites; and early intervention and support, leading to swift and easy access to specialist services for pupils that need it.

Graham Holley, Chief Executive of the TDA, said: "Children are the prime beneficiaries of extended schools. I am delighted that their views on the extended activities being provided by schools are so positive. These activities are an important element of the extended services offer. There's a growing body of evidence1 to show that extended schools can boost attainment, support families and are placing education at the heart of their communities. Schools are working in clusters, and in partnership with a wide range of organisations, to ensure they are able to offer the core services ahead of the 2010 deadline, allowing every child the opportunity to realise their talents and fulfil their potential."

Working in conjunction with 150 schools, the TDA has developed a framework that will enable schools to put the child at the centre of their school improvement planning process. The TDA's School Improvement Planning Framework helps schools embed extended provision in a school's vision and plans to improve Every Child Matters outcomes, raise standards of achievement for all, and to maximise and demonstrate impact. To find out more, visit

Notes to editors

This news release applies to England only.

The Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) was established under the Education Act 2005. Its principal aim is to secure an effective school workforce that improves children's life chances.

Background to research project

The Pupil Voice survey was carried out by CitizenCard, which is a proof of age and identity card scheme with some 450,000 registered members aged 11-19 in the UK. CitizenCard surveyed 6,618 of their registered members in England earlier this year. As part of this survey, the TDA commissioned a number of questions on subjects within the TDA's remit.

1. Evaluation of full service extended schools by Manchester and Newcastle Universities (published June 2007) shows that extended services can have a positive impact on raising pupil attainment, levels of attendance and motivation and reducing exclusion rates. The full report can be found at

In July 2007, Ofsted published new guidance to inspectors on how to evaluate extended services, and issued a revised school self-evaluation form with additional prompts to ensure schools report any extended provision, the rationale for it and evidence of impact. Under the heading Achievement and Standards, schools are asked: "The extent to which any extended services contribute to better achievement and higher standards." For further details please see

The TDA is a key partner in the Extended Schools agenda, providing training, change management tools and other resources to support schools and local authorities as they develop extended services. The TDA's delivery partners are Continyou and 4Children

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